Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How do I switch?

A: Switching is EASY – just sign the agreement and we will take care of the everything else – set up of the unit, taking professional photos, creating a marketing strategy for maximum exposure online, so you can see results RIGHT AWAY!.


Q: Is there an initial startup cost with ZIA?

A:  NO! There is not a mandatory initial cost with us. We do NOT mandate certain types of locks to be installed, or purchasing of tablets, linens, deep cleaning before we start setting up the unit, etc.


Q: Can I have ZIA change the locks on my property?

A: Absolutely. Our team will assist and accommodate ALL requests you may have in terms of maintenance, housekeeping, set up, etc.


Q: Can I get rental projections for my property?

A: We highly encourage you to! If you want to experience, what your neighbors are already doing, get the numbers and inform yourself. We would be more than happy to provide you with rental projections for your unit before we start working together. Our team can also assist with suggestions on how to improve your rental income with small changes in your property that will give you the ultimate advantage and create an extremely competitive vacation rental!


Q: Who pays the lodging taxes?

A: ZIA collects and pays out all the lodging taxes on your property’s behalf. You do not have to worry about a single thing. You will enjoy a high occupancy rates you have not seen before, experience a hassle free relationship and a personable customer service when you do visit your second home.


Q: How do I know how many nights my property is booked?

A: ZIA provides you with an extremely easy to use online portal, where you can see your up to date calendar, reserve dates for yourself and family members (as long as they are available) and view statements.


Q: When do I get paid?

A: ZIA pays you monthly with direct deposit into your bank account. You will receive your payment at the beginning of the month for the previous month.


Q: What else do I pay besides the commission split?

A: The best part of our partnership is that the owner will not acquire any hidden fees, we do not nickel and dime you. There will be no cleaning fees charged to you unless you use your property or maintenance items need to be taken care of to ensure your unit is well kept and produces top dollar. The guests are responsible for cleaning fees, credit card charges and any other services they request during their stay. There are no hidden fees with ZIA?


Q: Who pays for the advertising?

A: ZIA does. We do not charge our owners any advertising fees.


Q: Where will my unit be advertised?

A: We advertise where it matters! We have created a comprehensive approach and have experienced extreme returns on our marketing dollars. We do advertise on a wide variety of outlets, including www.ziavacationrentals.com, vrbo.com, homeaway.com, vacationrentals.com, flipkey.com, tripadvisor.com, airbnb.com, booking.com, expedia.com.


Q: How long is my contract for?

A: At ZIA we understand how important flexibility is. You can terminate your contract at any point with 45 days notice – just honor the existing reservations that are on the books already.


Q: Do I have to commit to a minimum number of nights to be given to you?

A: You do not. We are super flexible. We would love to have as many available nights as possible, but it is important for us to have you enjoy your property as well. We have a wide range of owners, who use their property from just few days a year, to more than 6 months per year.


Q: Who determines the pricing?

A: ZIA plays major role in determining the nightly rates and minimum stays for your property. We are always open to suggestions and can establish a minimum rate pertaining to your property as well. Our goal is not to rent at any price, just to increase the occupancy rate. We know there is a price point, under which renting becomes more of a hassle, than a benefit.


Q: Who takes care of maintenance issues?

A: Our maintenance stuff will take care of the maintenance needs of the property. We will also coordinate the pool maintenance, landscaping, trash removal and anything else you would need help with for your private home.


Q:  Do you charge for light bulbs replacement?

A: We do NOT, unless we need a tall ladder to get to the bulbs to replace them. In some cases, we have needed a 30ft extension ladder to get to a vaulted ceiling bulb, but this are very rare exceptions.  We do not charge normal bulb replacement, to deliver something to the guests or to plunge a toilet. At ZIA, we believe in a long term partnership, not nickel and diming.


Q: Are you going to raise your commission?

A: NO! Your commission split will stay the same as long as we work together.


Q: How do you produce higher income?

A: Great question! It is not just one thing we at ZIA do better – it is a combination of ALL things we do. We look at every property, as a business on its own and figure out who is your customer base and how to appeal to them. Starting with the set up of the unit, your bed configuration, professional photos, enticing description, proper pricing and minimum nights stay, extensive marketing, optimizing the listing for maximum exposure on all of the outlets, taking care of the guests, soliciting reviews and repeat business, maintaining the property in top shape – all of this combined is the secret sauce to success. Just because any two properties are listed on the same sites, does not mean they will rent the same. Just because any two properties are the same size, layout and are in the same complex, does not mean they will produce the same income. Not at all. We have seen difference as much as 40% higher rental income for very much the same properties.


Q: Do you do rotation?

A: No, we do not. We are in the 21-st century already! Every unit managed by ZIA is being advertised individually and the guests decide which one works better, and appeals better to them.


Q: Who pays for damages?

A: Our guests are covered for accidentals during their stay up to a certain amount, depending on the plan they have selected. Guests are responsible for malicious damage or amount, that exceeds their coverage.


Q: Where do guests check in?

A: Our guests complement all the time the fact that they can go straight to their units and do not have to stop by a front desk at a third location and waist precious time of their vacation.


Q: Are the units inspected?

A: YES! Units are inspected by housekeeping during the cleaning and then designated  inspector finalizes the process.


Q: Can I put restrictions on who comes and stays in my property?

A: We strictly follow every HOA’s rules on minimum age restrictions. We keep close relationships with them and make sure any changes to the general rules and affected in our terms as well.


Q: Do I need a license to rent my property.

A: Yes! You will need a sales tax license, which we will obtain on your behalf.


Q: Can I have discounted rates for friends and families?

A: Absolutely. We can create different promo code for your unit, discounting the rental rate by different percentage and you can decide who gets which code. Once you get your vacation rental property, a lot of your close and not so close friends would want to use it, so we have found the solution for it. Just give them the promo code you feel appropriate and we will take care of their stay for you.


Q: Do I need insurance?

A: Yes, you would need insurance. Depending on the type of property you have, the insurance may vary, so please check with your agent, but the typical rental unit insurances is needed – property, flood, fire, content… Please make sure to mention to your agent, that you are doing vacation rentals, to make sure you have the proper coverage.


Q: What about personal items in my property?

A: Guests enjoy having nice furniture and decoration in the property. They like to feel at home. No need to take off artwork off the walls. However, if there is anything that is irreplaceable or has sentimental value to you, please consider putting it in the owner’s closet. We do not foresee damages occurring or things go missing, instead trying to protect you from the Murphy’s Law – if a piece of rug gets a spill on it, it is always the one that is hand made by Tibetan monk, who has not spoken in 25 years.

On the contrary – a retired US General, who was involved with the Apolo 11 mission, had a picture with the astronaut on the Moon, personally signed by him displayed in his property. It is still there after numerous rentals.


Q: Who do I call with questions?

A: We at ZIA assign you a personal Owner Liaison, who you can contact with all the questions you have – housekeeping, maintenance, reservations, blocks, taxes, pricing – everything. We understand how inconvenient and inefficient it is to talk to different people about different items you need to address. Usually they would have to call somebody else to find out for you and get back to you. It can be frustrating. We have eliminated all of this.


Q: Can I request special attention for special guests I have?

A: Of course – we are here to assist you. Bottle of wine, cheese platter, special card, flowers, decoration – we will help you with all of this.


Q: Are you a full service, vacation rental organization?

A: Yes! We take care of everything for you – just sit back and enjoy the income.


Q: Do you have after hour emergency line?

A: Yes! Our guests can contact ZIA after hours with requests you may have and we will send someone to take care of it if necessary.


Q: How are you different than the rest?

A: It is The ZIA Culture! We consider ourselves to be the standard in the industry. We only compete with ourselves. It is our high standards and your high expectations that drive us. Our motto says it all – ” Impossible is a strong word, used by weak people”!


Q: If I make changes in my unit, are you going to change the photos and description?

A: Yes, we will. We realize the upgrades need to be displayed as soon as possible so the property can benefit from them. We strive to update the photos and description within 48 hours of updates and there is no additional charge to the owner for this.


Q: What happens if I have reservations currently in my property and I would like to switch to ZIA?

A: We are super flexible and would not want you to burn any bridges. We will be happy to honor the existing reservations free of commission and will treat the guests as they are our own. If your current company decides to cancel them, or move them to another unit, we will most likely be able to replenish the rentals for you.


Q: How do you determine your pricing?

A: We determine the rates for the properties, depending on what comparable properties have rented for in the past, how the season looks like, what the weather is, how is the economy doing, what is the condition of the property and how it is set up. There are numerous other factors being accounted for, when determining the rates for particular unit. The rates and minimum nights stay are being adjusted often. We have the capability to use our software matrix, which adjusts the rates according to the pre-determined rules within a specific group, but have decided not to use it as it lacks the human touch. Quite often, depending on the specific dates that are booked in 2 similar properties, completely different actions have to be taken.


Q: Do you manage high end properties?

A: Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we treat every property as high end property. The UPKEEP is very important for us. At ZIA we have 2 main pillars in our